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(SCRA) Service Member Civil Relief Act Violations

Answering the call to serve your country is a great responsibility especially if you have engaged in combat several times like I have. It is not to be taken lightly this courts system has out right ignored my service and taken it for a joke. It has failed to follow federal SCRA requirements that protected me as servicemen from default judgement irregularities, of civil punitive damages, while deployed my rights were not upheld in my case at all. The higher rule of law was simply ignored not implemented not considered just simply gross malice. This summary will serve to the notification of violations that happened to me a former Platoon Sergeant and now Retired Military Officer that is a Highly decorated Wounded Warrior, Combat Veteran deployed (9) times over in service to my country under the United States Army my clearance level surpassed Top Secret. My Military leaders and Command when asked to handle this matter always told me mission first due to my positons. And now with them no longer in the way I am handling it. This shall serve as notice to DOJ,NC DOJ, the North Carolina Judicial Commission for Judges, and the North Carolina State Bar to the current violations of the SCRA a federal statue and any other constitutional laws that were broken during my active Military service obligation plus deployments to Southwest Asia. In addition to currently still recovering from numerous injuries from these deployments. To Ignore SCRA Law is egregious in nature it should be considered despicable, an injustice by desecrating Current, Past and Fallen, service members rights who fought or while currently fighting for this country in combat to have them unknowingly take hostile fire from courtrooms to their 6 (backs) while fighting and defending these rights while they are actively on the battle field. These Judges and Attorneys are gunning our service members down with their local laws, this alone is simply malice, intent towards Combat Veterans and Soldiers who defend these very same rights with their lives that the courtrooms ignore. But yet enjoy these rights and days off like Veterans Day. This is by far a horrific practice that should be dealt with severely under the highest punitive of law allowed. This is why I started {Hutchinsonslaw.com} to give that Service member Current, Past or present the tools of knowledge about their rights. Along with Drafting the Amendment called {Hutchinsons Law} that will hold Judges ,Attorneys and Other entities that openly violate the SCRA with stiffer penalties and fill in some gray areas when it comes to this federal law. We earned the Right We fought for the Right Now we must Protect the Right. Courtrooms Judges, Attorneys. Must learn to uphold it! My Request is simple. Sanction NCCSEA and Plaintiff via the SCRA start the, removal process on these Judges to get them off the bench and hold them in federal Violation to the SCRA. Disbar all Attorneys in this write up as well as hold them in Federal Violation and penalize them severely in accordance to the SCRA. Examples Must be Set For this Federal Law.



(VA) Veterans Claims and Benefits

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